Is Posting YouTube Shorts A Waste Of Time?

YouTube has become one of the most popular platforms existing and has been used by millions of people. Due to its popularity, a lot of video content has been well-known due to the number of views they reach in a certain period. One of those is YouTube shorts.

What are Shorts?

YouTube shorts are a type of video content that is created with the use of phones and then uploaded to YouTube from the app. Due to the availability of YouTube tools, you have the opportunity to create 15-second video clips and upload them as Shorts.

Due to the short length of the videos, there are lots of viewers that watch it. With these watchers, a certain video becomes popular as they can share, like, and comment – a good thing, subscribe to the channel that uploaded the video.

Pros of Having Shorts

A lot might think that uploading something on YouTube is a waste of time but there are some gaining something from it. Shorts might be a new feature on YouTube but became popular over time for very good reasons.

  • Increase in Discoverability

Since it’s built to provide short-form videos, this became Shorts big advantage. The Shorts videos appear all the time on the YouTube app homepage which makes it easy for people to browse new content to their liking.

  • Catches the Attention of Younger Audiences

It’s not a new fact that even toddlers have been exposed to YouTube and start using it on their own when they know how to. This is one of the significant advantages of Shorts – an opportunity to get the attention of the audience, the younger it gets. Since most of these audiences have short attention spans, short-form video content is preferable to them.

  • Easy to Create

Creating videos might be time-consuming but with Shorts, it now became easy. With simple tools available on your smartphones, video content can be created within seconds. It’s easier to share on social media as well – such as Facebook, X, or Instagram.

In conclusion, Shorts became a valuable tool for people or businesses to boost their popularity or services as they can reach a wide variety of audiences. Though it’s still in its early stages, as it develops over time, the growth and possibilities will be limitless. It’s not a waste of time but an opportunity for everyone to express themselves or promote something. This will not just make you know but to as well share the expertise you learn elsewhere. YouTube is vast – a lot could be learned to feed curiosities.