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We Are Unique

Creative, Accomplished, Flexible, Energetic, Evolving

Gentle Rain Productions brings a fresh approach to familiar material with improvisation, alternating instrumentation and original arrangements.

Rich Jones is a woodwind specialist who continually adds different instruments to his performance experience. His arsenal of woodwinds includes flutes, saxophones, clarinet, oboe, English horn and world instruments: recorders, ocarinas, American Indian flutes, Oriental flutes and Irish penny whistles.

Rich’s instrumental variety combined with his improvisation creates fresh musical performances that have brought conventioneers to their feet in standing ovation for Rich and his ensembles!

Harpist Christine Drescher plays both the concert and folk harp. Classically trained with a wide range of performance experience, she enjoys playing classical material as well as popular and folk music in either a recital or party setting. Chris orchestrates a smooth flow of material and is sensitive to her audience. Her original arrangements make her performances unique and have led her to be a featured recording artist on various labels.

Our established ensembles are chaired by professional instrumentalists who have developed a working rapport over the past ten years. They perform together on a daily basis and therefore have a solid professional relationship.

Creativity and established professionalism make Gentle Rain Productions successful and a plus for any special event.

Our Philosophy

Functional music or music that accompanies ceremonies, celebration, worship, and work is a cornerstone of human civilization. Gentle Rain Productions proudly continues this ancient tradition with modern professionalism and an enduring love of performance.

Music is meant to be played and shared, not confined to the isolated recording studio or formal concert stage. Live performance creates a unique energy between performers, among the listeners and between the performers and audience. It leaves a lasting impression of a special event.

Good music, well performed, is of tantamount importance to a successful event. Because of its pervasive nature and the energy or atmosphere it creates, music truly sets the tone of an event.

The quality of "music" is not strain’d. It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven upon the place beneath: it is twice blest; it blesseth him that gives and him that takes.

Our History

Richard Jones, a native of Chicago, Illinois, received a Bachelor of Music, Education, from Western Illinois University and a Master of Music, Saxophone, from Georgia State University. Successfully pursuing a performance career in Atlanta since 1980, Rich has the pleasure of performing with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, the Fox Theater orchestras, show orchestras backing touring stars and contracting and leading his own jazz and classical ensembles.

A native of St. Louis, Missouri, Christine Drescher earned a Bachelor of Music and Master of Music, Harp, at Indiana University, in Bloomington, Indiana. Since moving to Atlanta in 1980 in order to pursue a performance career, she has enjoyed many wonderful opportunities including work with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, the Fox Theater orchestras and the Alliance Theater orchestras. She has been the solo harpist featured at area restaurants and hotels, including the Abbey, the Ritz-Carlton Atlanta, the Waverly, and the Ramada Renaissance; she also performs solo and in ensemble for Atlanta’s private clubs and special events. She records for the Gentle Rain recording label and is featured with woodwindist Rich Jones on the Pamplin and Platinum Entertainment record labels.

Drawing on their combined experience, Chris and Rich established Gentle Rain Productions in 1988. Via Gentle Rain Productions, their eclectic, classical and jazz ensembles are organized and made available for special events. The company provides fine performances for Atlanta’s diverse audiences.


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